Apollonia Hotel School

Solutions for the Global Hotel and
Cruise Line Industry

Located in the center of hospitality in Indonesia, in the heart of Bali, Apollonia Hotel School is aiming to become dedicated hotel and cruise line school in the world. It is the time to show the world with our generous hospitality and helps the young people to develop themselves, their career and become the leader in the future.

In response to high demand for qualified and skilled Indonesian human resources, APOLLONIA HOTEL SCHOOL which is held by APOLLONIA HOTEL SCHOOL INSTITUTION offers solution for future students who willing to work and build the professional career in hotel and cruise industry worldwide.

APOLLONIA HOTEL SCHOOL is the most luxurious and largest hotel and cruise line school in Bali which has complete facilities that focus emphasis-oriented of knowledge and expertise that are tailored to the current needs of hotel and cruise line industry.

APOLLONIA HOTEL SCHOOL has been accredited by National Board of Professional Certification from Denpasar Labor Department and has been held Competency Certification from LA-LPK Accreditation Institute-Work Training Institution.


APOLLONIA HOTEL SCHOOL is a transformation of Hotels and Cruise Training School of PIRAMID Hotel and Cruise Ship Training College which has been established since 2007. Various awards have been achieved such as an outstanding job training institution in the field of Training and Productivity from the Minister of Labor and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesian.

In order to a greater management revamping, in 2017, PT. PIRAMID as Manning Agency has focused specifically in the field of recruitment and placement of Indonesian workers. Similarly, PIRAMID Cruise Ship & Hotel Training College has independently developed with a new brand APOLLONIA HOTEL SCHOOL that will be prepared in the future to provide the study program up to the Bachelor Degree.